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Adaptations is a graphic collection of unconventional buildings found during city explorations around the world. It focuses on structures that stand out from their surroundings due to particular architectural details. The unexpected discovery of these buildings, apparently blending in with the city, inspired me to document, redraw and reinterpret them as objects isolated from their original contexts, thus enhancing their expressive capability.

The images were created using the exact location and original orientation of each building. The light on each structure corresponds to a given time on a set date.

Series 1 portrays buildings found since 2017 in cities including Madrid, Barcelona, New York and Vienna. It was completed during the first lockdown in 2020. The lighting was set for June 21, 2020. Series 2 focuses on churches in Quito, London and New York. It was produced in June 2022 and exhibited in Quito, Ecuador throughout July. The lighting was set for February 22, 2022.